Mission Statement

Nana-Pie, LLC aims to provide students, teachers, and parents with educational products that are meaningful, and fun. To this end, the company seeks to create unique products that invoke thinking and develop avenues for interaction between a number of educational relationships: teacher: student, student: student, and student: parent. We believe that providing products that are both meaningful and fun will help positively affect classrooms, schools, and homeschool environments.

Vision Statement

Nana-Pie, LLC believes that new approaches to learning are essential in today’s world using new methods to reach and capture the attention of young people is a crucial part of education. To this end, we continually strive to make and improve upon products that will inspire learning and increase self motivation in students.

About Nana-Pie, LLC

The name Nana-Pie was created by hyphenating the names of my maternal and paternal grandmothers: Sweetie-pie & Nana.

Nana-Pie, LLC is an educational product company dedicated to creating learning products that are unique, innovative, fun, and appropriately functional for learning. We believe that there is a huge gap between what kids need to achieve success and what is currently available. We believe that all children want to be successful; however because of a number of influences and complexities in our society, some educational techniques/strategies create missed opportunities for teachable moments. Nana-Pie seeks to be one of many change agents needed to transform education and educational strategies. Through the use of educational products that seek to reignite and energize student learning, Nana-Pie believes that it has key insight to affect this change.

Nana-Pie, LLC was created out of a desire to build relationships with students, within the classroom setting: we are greatly aware of the importance of fostering relationships with students. To this end, the idea of creating a teaching card game was birthed. The venue of card playing was chosen because it is a fully inclusive activity. Playing games is a very natural way to build relationships and other important factors that aide in positive learning experiences. Game playing provides the instant ability to breakdown natural barriers that exist in a student/teacher relationship. Moreover, the new relationship begins to make the overall learning environment better and creates an atmosphere that is relaxed, peaceful and nurturing. Longing to reproduce and transform this positive playtime affect into learning experiences, Nana-Pie pondered about ways to replicate this success for all classes, while accomplishing the task of goals, objectives, and indicators. Essentially, the game Notes™, as well as upcoming products were created.

Because of the unique reasons behind Notes™ and other soon to be announced products, the company refers to their development process as “the longest lesson plan ever created.”









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