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Math Cards $9.99USD

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Creatively engage students while they learn and reinforce mathematical concepts!

No need to learn a new game with Ex=pressionsTM. Simply play games you already know: Just identify numbers 2-10 by solving the equation in the upper left corner of the card. For suit families, use the four operation symbols (addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication) as card suits.

Imagine your students learning while having fun playing card games they already know and love. Using Ex=pressionsTM, this kind of learning and fun can happen now! Ex=pressionsTM encourages active participatory learning: think about the progress students will make as they enjoy solving math expressions.

Ex=pressionsTM is designed to challenge and help 5th graders and other students apply math skills in a fun and exciting way. Playing games they already love is an easy transition between play and learning.

As an example, in the game Old Maid, a player must find pairs and discard them. ExpressionsTM incorporates the step of solving the expression to find the pairs, prior to discarding the cards. This process seamlessly infuses math into any card game. Because the deck is based on a standard card deck with jokers, students can decide which games they would like to play while reinforcing skills and fluency: the player’s goals is to win, but learning happens along the way!

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